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Welcome to our Mind, Body, and Wellness Retreat, where we focus on the powerful connection between physical strength,beauty, mental clarity and well-being.


At our retreat, you will have the opportunity to participate in calisthenics workouts designed to improve your beauty and strength with discipline. Our experienced trainers will guide you through challenging and rewarding exercises that will help you reach your fitness goals.


In addition to the physical aspect of our retreat, we also place a strong emphasis on mental and emotional well-being. We offer workshops and experiences centered around the use of psychedelics as a tool for healing and personal growth. Our team of professionals will guide you through these sessions, providing a safe and supportive environment for healing mind and body (why we use psychedelics) this we use for our tool


Through the combination of physical strength training and psychedelic-assisted healing, our retreat is designed to help you achieve greater mental clarity and a stronger sense of self. We believe that extreme wellness comes from a balance of mind and body, and we hope you will join us on this journey to improve your overall well-being.

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